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Do You Know How
To Enjoy Cheap Living?

Opportunity Of The Bargain

Cheap living sounds bad to some people for some reason. Maybe it should be called frugal living. Okay, that sounds better...lets go with that. Frugal living ideas are a good thing especially if you're trying to save money!

Why not enjoy a lifestyle of affordable frugal living? Do you know how to search out or spot a bargain? Would you like to be the one that always finds the deals and has plenty of money left over? Why not!

Start by learning the secrets of opportunism. It's consistently knowing how to get a good deal. Basically you are being a bargain finder.

When certain fruit or vegetables are in season, their prices are naturally lower. Enjoy beautiful delicious produce at a fraction of the normal price by buying them when they are cheap. As a bonus, the produce is at its highest quality when plentiful. Taking advantage of this situation is opportunism which fosters cheap living.

However, this does mean that you won't always get exactly what you want when you want it. But you get used to going with flow and enjoying what is available at the current time.

Go With The Seasons

If oranges are cheap, why not enjoy eating oranges? If apples are in season, enjoy apples. Whatever the case may be, you're always on the look out for the best bargains.

It's not like your going to eat things that you don't like or deny yourself of your favorites to enjoy cheap living. You just pick from those things that are seasonally available.

The deals and items on sale are constantly changing which means you have an ever-changing selection. Just give it a month and go with the flow! There will always be delicious foods on sale unless you are extremely picky about what you eat.

It is a simple example but it's the premise of opportunism you watch for the changing tide of price opportunity and you get more by living cheap.

A true bargain hunter gets more variety in the long run, and more for their money. This concept can be applied to many things that you purchase.


We took a trip to the Caribbean a few years ago. There were many destinations that were of interest to us. We ended up choosing this one particular place because it was about $1,000. less then anywhere else that we were considering.

We stayed for 10 days and had a fantastic time. The surf was great, the people were extremely nice, the food was delicious and the entertainment was just what we wanted, low key. We came home very satisfied and had saved a considerable sum.

Movie Time

When we go to the movies here in town, we go when the show time price is $2 per ticket. That rush hour show helps us enjoy our cheap living lifestyle! At another theatre a couple miles down the street people are paying $8 a ticket.

What are they getting by spending four times more you might ask? Well, they are getting a new release and watching it six weeks earlier then we will see it.

In six weeks the same move will garner a ticket price of $2. We also get a review from our friends that saw it which help us decide if we want to go.

You ought to try to get more without paying more that is opportunism. It is best to make honest choices as part of it. Is seeing the new release movie, right now, worth more than seeing four other moves in its place?

Will you actually enjoy that movie more by seeing it right after it has been released from the studio or will it still be good in six weeks?

Used Or New

Did you know that many wealth people by used cars? They may be buying BMWs and Mercedes but the lesson is clear. They understand opportunity.

New cars depreciate in value by about half after the first three years, but they're not half used-up, are they? Is it worth an extra $15,000 to say you have a new car? A well maintained car will look new after three years.


Cheap living, excuse us, frugal living and being an opportunist doesn't mean insisting on the lowest prices on everything you purchase. Certainly people have areas of priory that they don't compromise on.

If you love certain products that are priced higher, then you get those products. On the flip side of the coin, if you can't tell the difference between a $60 and an $8 bottle of wine, why not buy the one that is more affordable?

Opportunism is the driving force behind the true bargain hunter that's leading a frugal lifestyle.

If you are interested in another source on cheap living. Here are some frugal retirement living lifestyles to consider.

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